About us

Allexis Education AI is the next generation of education technology. It is much more than a Learning Management System, thanks to it’s in-built Content Management System and extensive digital Library which is brimming with educational resources, practice questions, digital textbooks and much more.

Allexis Education AI has been designed to help your educational institution to become an innovative, paperless learning environment. Where collaborative learning, efficiency and bespoke learning support come together in one lightweight, smart tablet. What we like to call, your digital backpack.

Introducing our newest feature, Learning with Allexis. Allexis is your very own StudyBot, created to support teachers with key feedback on each of their students to help them support their class as best they can. It’s also built to prompt students to stay on track, highlight their challenges and support them in overcoming them to maximise their results and excel in their education.

Key benefits

Key benefits for students:

  • A personal StudyBot, guiding them to stay on track, improve their grades, and reach for success
  • Interactive learning
  • Collaboration with their peers and classmates
  • Accessibility to all the resources and learning aids they need

Key benefits for teachers:

  • Efficiency in producing lesson plans and minimising any duplication of effort
  • Content creation and sharing amongst colleagues
  • Question bank provides them with relevant practice questions for their students
  • A personal StudyBot prompting them to keep up to date and providing insight into their students’ progress and challenges

Key benefits for parents:

  • Transparency on their child’s education
  • Easy access to information, via their smart phone or pc
  • Understanding the subjects that their child excels and struggles with
  • Following their child’s progress and challenges with them

Benefits for the school:

  • Eco-friendly learning environment, go green
  • Reduction in printing costs
  • Reduction in mess and clutter
  • Students engagement is boosted

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